Top 10 Places to visit in London

London is one of the largest capitals in Europe, and it’s also known for being the ultimate tourist destination as well. There are lots of amazing places that you can check out when you come here. But with so many attractions out there, it can be very hard to find the one that suits your needs. With that in mind, we created a list that includes 10 of the best destinations you should check out if you want to visit London!

1). Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is the royal residence of the UK monarch, and it’s used mostly for hosting royal guests, and it also looks amazing. If you are even remotely interested in visiting a visually astounding, stunning location, this should be on your radar.

2). London Eye

This giant Ferris wheel is an icon and one of the standout attractions that you will recognize in London. Situated in the Jubilee Gardens and right near the river Thames, the London Eye offers you breathtaking visuals and one of the best attractions that you can find in the city.

3). London Zoo

With hundreds of amazing animals and an incredible recreation of their habitat, London Zoo is one of the most interesting places to visit while in this metropolis. Plus, it’s ideal for the entire family and your children will have a blast here.

4). London Science Museum

Nothing is more exciting than the Science Museum if you are even remotely into science. From stunning artifacts to presentations and a unique approach towards various scientific concepts, this museum is perfect for all science aficionados.

5). National Portrait Gallery

In this gallery, you will be able to find various portraits of iconic persons from all over the UK. If you always wanted to see visually impressiveportraits and a wide array of celebrity portraits as well, this might be the right option!

6). Oxford Street

The Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping streets in London. If you want to go shopping here, this is by far the best place where you can go, so you should totally check it out!

7). Madame Tussauds

All the wax figures presented here showcase human history in a very distinct manner. From prominent historical figures to celebrities, there are tons of amazing things to see here.

8). London Bridge

This is the most impressive and iconic bridge in the UK. It’s locatedbetween the City of London and Southwark. This is also where you can find the crown jewels, and it’s a visually imposing place with amazing features.

9). Piccadilly Circus

Despite its name, Piccadilly Circus is not a circus; it’s a very busy junction teeming with fantastic locations such a theaters and shopping centers. It’s by far one of the best places to come if you enjoy culture and shopping.

10). Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle is a royal residence,and it’s also one of the most imposing castles located near London. It should be on your radar if you are even remotely interested in history since most of the UK monarchs from the past 900 years lived here.