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Are you on a lookout for a reliable, convenient and relaxing taxi service to and from the Cambridge Airport at a Cheap Price? If so, then get an online quote now and make a reservation at one of the leading companies in the industry. At Luton Airport Specialist, we take pride in our outstanding service and our complete fleet of minicabs, taxis, and elegant chauffeurs that are guaranteed safe, clean and air-conditioned. Whether you are visiting Cambridge for travel or leisure, you can take full advantage of our outstanding luxury taxi from Luton to Cambridge and that too at an affordable price.

Your needs will be catered by one of our experienced, licensed taxi driver and highly trained chauffeurs ready to take you to your next destination. We also provide fixed taxi fares to and from Cambridge airport with no any hidden charges, so no matter where you want to go from the airport or where you want to be picked up, we can deliver unmatched transportation services that will exceed your expectations. We are one of the best private hire taxi companies in the area.

Travelling can really be stressful, especially if it is a long flight. Once you get to the airport, the last thing you want is to deal with the hassle and inconvenience of waiting for a taxi. If you are travelling for business, your schedule is often very tight and you need to get to your destination as fast as possible without compromising your comfort. Fortunately, you can always access a quality taxi from Luton to Cambridge that will help you with all your travel needs to and from the airport. We offer meet and greet service to all passengers. Upon your arrival, a professional, uniformed chauffeur or cab driver will meet you off your flight, assist with your luggage, and take you to your destination. Our drivers will take care of all your travel requirements to ensure that you get to your destination on time and in a very convenient manner, whether you are arriving from home or ready for a business or a holiday.


Whether you are dropping someone off, picking up a friend, departing to a business trip or going for a personal travel, a comfortable car is available for your help. Luton Airport Specialist is offering an affordable and highly convenient transport to the airport, ensuring that you won’t be late on your flight and arrive at your destination with comfort and in style. We are your reliable company employing well experienced and professional chauffeurs who are familiar with the routes in the city and the traffic patterns. With this, we guarantee that your experience will provide you with a sense of assurance, reliability, and safety. Unlike any public transportation, our taxi services are flexible and can be customised based on your individual requirements.

We guarantee on-time pickup by our dedicated and expert Chauffeurs and drivers who are always ready to serve you. If you are in need of a taxi from Cambridge airport, we offer an online booking service, which is very easy to use, to help you in arranging your transportation. If you are searching for a convenient, safe and sophisticated taxi from Luton to Cambridge to get you to your next destination, we are ready to assist you with all your travel needs. Our chauffeurs and taxis perform flight tracking to identify flight delays and ensure that they are there on your arrival.

If you’re heading to the airport, we have your flight’s tracking to keep you informed and help you know where you should go to inside the Cambridge airport. So, why go to any other company when you can get the best possible services from one of the leading companies in the market and that too at an affordable price. Luton Airport Specialist really wants to big thanks to all our clients for their generous Reviews. Before making any booking with Luton airport specialist taxi, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have any queries or want to know more about us, just get in touch with our highly friendly and professional customer care representatives by calling at, Tel: +44 (0) 1582 – 505 505. You can also send your questions via email at We will get to you as soon as possible to provide you with all the information you need.

Whether you want to travel from or to the Cambridge Airport, do not fret! We have got you covered. All you have to do is book your ride by clicking on the button given below and we will be right in front of you in no time.